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An Innovative Guide for Tracheal Tube Insertion

The PneumaGlide is ideal for manual intubation in both emergency and routine situations. It works with traditional and video assisted laryngoscope to make the process of intubation easier.

An uncomplicated intubation:

  • Prevents dental damage
  • Prevents inaccurate tube placement
  • Prevents reflux of acid from stomach to lungs

The PneumaGlide is:

  • Patented
  • FDA Class 1
  • Disposable

US Patent #8,464,710 B1

5 Million Difficult Intubations Occur Worldwide Annually

There are over 50 million endotracheal intubations worldwide each year, growing at a rate of over 5% annually. 5 million of these intubations each year are considered to be difficult – this means a trained anesthesiologist needs more than 3 attempts or more than 10 min for a successful intubation.

The reality is a trained anesthesiologist is not always the one tasked with an endotracheal intubation. Often times less experienced and qualified professionals such nurses, residents and EMTs encounter difficult intubations.

The lack of adequate experience and expertise administering the procedure leads to painful consequences. Dental damage, trauma to the voice box and other painful and potentially litigious conditions for medical facilities to deal with are commonplace with difficult intubations.

Prevent Damage to Teeth, Throat and Voice Box


The PneumaGlide is intended to help medical professionals protect the patient’s teeth, larynx, throat and voice box from damage. A smooth and efficient intubation avoids gastric reflux from below as well as gastric insufflation of the stomach which can occur during manual ventilation

With the PneumaGlide’s innovative, patented design, professionals can intubate patients with ease, avoiding a painful experience for the patient and major liabilities for hospital and medical clinics.

The PneumaGlide is currently part of a 400 patient research study at the VA Hospital of Buffalo and will soon be available for sale through medical distributors worldwide.

Why PneumaGlide is Better

  • Ease of use
  • Less skill required for clinicians learning to intubate
  • Safe, smooth intubations
  • Positive patient satisfaction
  • Tissues stabilized during procedure
  • Works with existing technology
  • Protects teeth and pharyngeal tissues
  • Ideal for difficult airways
  • Targets visualization of larynx

PneumaGlide is an ideal product for emerging and experienced clinicians. It can be used anywhere intubation is performed.





Invented by Board Certified Anesthesiologist

  • Ease of Use
  • Reduce Complications
  • Reduce Mortality Rates
  • Prevent Litigation
  • Improve patient care
  • Optimize patient satisfaction

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